city-park-round-testimonialClean Scapes

There were several benefits in transitioning to propane-powered lawnmowers. For starters, because propane is deemed by the EPA to be an approved alternative fuel, propane-powered mowers can be used even when Austin’s “Ozone Action Days” prohibit the use of gas-powered equipment. That means more days out mowing lawns—and making money.

Ivan Giraldo, Clean Scapes, Austin, TX   

college-round-testimonialOn the Cutting Edge

After running our mowers on propane autogas for the past 8 months, we saw immediately that we don’t need to change oil as often and our carburetors stay much cleaner. We’ve displaced a fair share of gasoline and our staff says the mowers have more power, better octane and are just running better

Larry Allen, owner,  On the Cutting Edge, Calhoun, GA

field-round-testimonialPro-Cut Lawn Care

I transferred our mowers to propane for the 2013 cutting season. First full month (April 2013) saved us$400. Since then we’ve been averaging 20% savings or $300 per month. The propane conversion cut service time to 50 hours from 100 hours- saving labor and cost of materials, such as oil filters. All of my  mowers are running cleaner and we’ve not lost any power.  Cleaner emissions are a big thing here. Our propane mowers definitely do run much cleaner. To show we do our part to support the green initiatives of our community, we submitted a float in the 4th of July parade. We actually picked up several commercial accounts due to our message and exposure from the parade.

Chris Dunson, Pro-Cut Lawn Care, Carrollton, GA

grass-round-testimonialJohnson Lawn Care

Our 20 mowers are running much better on propane autogas, the savings are tremendous and worth every penny of investment in the conversions.

Steven and Marica Johnson, Johnson Lawn Care, Ranger, GA 

park-round-testimonialWatters & Associates Landscaping

We started with one propane converted mower in July 2011 and now all twelve mowers run on propane. Watters & Associates Landscape does all it can to be a green company in every way. Achieving a cleaner environment and reducing our carbon footprint was my first goal with the conversions. I am more than pleased that we are also seeing a consistent 40% savings in fuels costs. Our Blossman store in Cedartown has gone well out of their way to be helpful to us. They are not only a supplier but a partner in our business.

Michael McRay, COO, Watters & Associates  Landscaping, Rome, GA