Lowers Harmful Emissions:

Propane is approved Clean Air Fuel, which means your mowers would reduce greenhouse gas emissions – allowing you to operate your propane powered equipment on Ozone Days

Mowing with propane can help you with your bottom line:

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lowers Fuel Cost  by 40%

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Get the best use of your time:

  • More time on site for equipment operators
  • Less time spent at service stations
  • Reduced potential vehicle accidents while refueling

100% of the Alliance Small Engine Propane supply is made in America. So, using propane fuel for small engines reduces our dependence on foreign oil and increases American Energy Security.

Let Alliance Small Engines help you to reduce your maintenance costs:

  • No carbon buildup in engines, which extends life of spark plugs and other fuel system components
  • Fuel is vapor entering the intake so there is no “fuel loading” in intake, reducing unburned gases in exhaust.

Propane does not deteriorate from additives and cause damage to engines


Download PDF of Propane AutoGas vs. Natural Gas

Reduce fuel spills causing damage to customer landscapes

Reduce excess purchases of fuel from pilferage

You choose the best method of fuel delivery that works for your company!
  • Bulk delivery to your supply tank
  • Cylinder exchange delivered to your site or filled onsite, depending on your need