For the first time, commercial mower users are having to consider what type of fuel will power their mowers – and for the first time, mower providers must be ready to assist with that consideration. Blossman Gas, the nation’s largest independent propane company, is ready to meet customers’ propane needs with turn-key, fully customized propane mower fueling solutions.




In the past few years, the propane mower market has experienced tremendous growth. Lawn care equipment manufacturers are expanding the range of propane-powered lawn product offerings, and the demand for a cleaner lawn care alternative is evident – and on the rise. The outdoor power equipment industry along with engine manufacturers have made huge strides in reducing harmful emissions. Blossman Gas is thrilled to lead the next phase in lowering lawn equipment emissions and helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Propane-powered mowers are available in both walk-behind and zero-turn platforms from a variety of manufacturers.


Fueling Solution

By partnering with Blossman Gas, lawn mower manufacturers and dealers are able to:

  • Provide fueling support with custom-tailored solutions
  • Provide customer peace of mind through guaranteed fuel availability
  • Leverage customer relationships to expand mower programs
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